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We pride ourselves on being able to fill a Planter to suit Customer, Location or Occasion. Helpful staff will assist in finding the perfect Container to Suit your needs. Autumn planters don’t require as much maintenance as Summer, no weekly feeding necessary and our compost will contain all that is required so remember to water as required and enjoy some Autumn splendour. Outdoor Cyclamen, pansy, viola and heathers offer extended colour to the Season.

AVAILABLE - September October November

Planter available in 4 sizes purchased as a set or individually. Beautiful Autumn plants available in any colour combination you wish.

Ceramic Autumn Planters a Bright and Cheerful choice for Autumn.

NEW Collection Traditional in style available in 3 Sizes. Looks great with Autumn colours.

Modern and sleek filled Autumn Planter. Black Terrazzo filled with plants to compliment.

Occasions Planter
Whatever the occasion we can fill a suitable planter. Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Bereavement or Retirement we can fill fresh to suit.

Pick and Plant
Pick you planter. Pick your filling. Let our staff fill your planters and you can take away and enjoy the same day.