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Potted roses are available for planting from Late Spring until Early Autumn although May is in my opinion the best month when plants appear with fresh foliage and healthy root growth. In June and July full flower will have appeared. Dead heading and some light pruning required August and September due to time in containers.

Potted Roses in full growth make an ideal gift. We aim to have a large selection available throughout the Season but stock of the most popular varieties does run low before our Fresh late Autumn stock is available again.

Hopefully you are not disappointed in the lack of colour on this page I have tried to display how a fresh container stock of roses should look. For more colour illustration take a look at our Bare-Root Roses section.

Visitors welcome to select Container roses from March onwards.

Please Note: We are able to post Container Roses now

March - October
Patio Roses

Ideal for Pots and Planters they are small enough to grow in Containers but Large enough to give impact. With smaller flower in abundance these roses can also be planted in narrow borders allow 45cm apart minimum.

Birthday Wishes
Orange/Red flowers in abundance.

Golden Wishes
Clusters of Golden Wisheds perfectly formed flowers.

Pearl Anniversary
Pearl Pink flowers on a compact bushy plant.

Ruby Anniversary
Masses of Crimson Red blooms ideal for Anniversary present.

Special Wishes
Orange/Red compact grower nice as a thoughtful gift.

Sweet Dream
Apricot/Peach a great favourite with dense healthy foliage.

Patio Roses

Birthday Wishes - Orange/Red
Diamond Wishes - Soft Pink
Golden Wishes - Yellow
Pearl Anniversary - Pearl Pink
Pretty Polly - Pink

Ruby Anniversary - Red
Ruby Wishes - Red
Silver Wishes - Pink
Shine On - Light Orange
Special Wishes - Orange Red
Sweet Dream - Peach
Wild Fire - Orange

Hybrid Tea Roses

Classically shaped large flower heads mainly one head per stem and often fragrant roses. Plants grouped in beds or individually in borders. They are repeat flowering through the Summer into Autumn. Excellent for cut flowers in your home.

Golden Wedding
Deep Golden Yellow, glossy disease resistant foliage. A lasting Golden Memory.

Loving Memory
Classic shaped Crimson Red, tough healthy dark foliage. A fitting tribute.

Striking flowers of Cream edged Bright Cherry Red, dark clean foliage. A must have Rose.

Remember Me
Unusual Coppery coloured flowers held on upright dark leathery foliage.

Ruby Wedding
Red with a sharp fragrance mostly sold for the Occasion.

Silver Anniversary
Lovely White flowers and nice perfume, a fitting rose for the Occasion.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Alexander - Vermillion
Birthday Boy - Lilac
Ernest Morse - Crimson
Grandpa Dickson - Yellow
Happy Ruby Wedding - Red

Just Jeoy - Copper
Loving Memory - Deep Red
Mamma Mia - Coral
Mum In A Million - Pink
National Trust - Red
Nostalgia - Cream Edged Red
Peace - Yellow/Pink
Remember Me - Orange
Ruby Wedding - Red
Silver Anniversary - Creamy White
Silver Jubilee - Pink
Special Anniversary- Deep Pink
Sunny Sky - Yellow
Super Star - Vermillioin
Tequila Sunrise - Yellow / Red
Warm Wishes - Coral Pink

Floribunda Roses

Smaller clusters of flowers on each stem producing a profusion of colours lasting all season. Although an individual bush provides a lovely colourful display plant on mass for a magnificent display. Superb choice of rose delivering more flowers per square yard than any other plant.

Champagne Moment
Creamy Pink with Apricot centre and a sweet fragrance, excellent disease resistance. It Sparkles.

Happy Retirement
Masses of Soft Pink blooms and healthy disease resistant foliage. Ideal gift.

Pretty and scented Lilac Pink Blooms. Effortlessly producing strong grown and disease free foliage. Well worth its Rose of The Year 2009.

Many Happy Returns
Blush Pink flowers with good clean foliage.

Vivid Scarlet abundance of flowers with healthy dense glossy. Impact planting at it best.

Tickled Pink
Masses of large scented Pink flowers are produced on this vigorous disease resistant bush making it a great planting choice.

Floribunda Roses

Absolutely Fabulous - Yellow
Arthur Bell - Yellow
Birthday Girl - Pretty Pink/White
Blue For You - Lilac Mauve
Champagne Moment Creamy Pink
Evelyn Fison - Red
For Your Evey Only - Peachy Pink
Golden Wedding - Yellow
Happy Retirement - Soft Pink
Hot Chocolate - Russet Brown
Iceberg - White
Irish Eyes - Red/Yellow
Korresia - Yellow
Lady Marmalade - Tangerine
Lucky - Lavender Pink
Many Happy Returns - Pink
Moment In Time - Red
Queen Elizabeth - Pink
Remembrance - Red
SuperTrouper - Vibrant Orange
Tickled Pink Clear Pink
Trumpeter - Red
Your Beautiful - Pink

Climbing & Rambling Roses

Very versatile roses offering a choice of planting locations from fences, walls, pillars, arches and pergolas. Climbers are less vigorous you must train the side shoots for maximum coverage and flowering. Rambling roses are very vigorous producing large clusters of smaller flowers. Pruning is to remove surplus growth and planting should be 6-8ft apart.

Climbing Roses

Compassion - Pink
Dublin Bay - Red
Cl Ena Harkness Red
Golden Showers - Yellow

Handel - White Edged Pink

Oh Wow - Purple/White Stripe
Penny Lane - Creamy Peach

Scent From Heaven - Apricot Orange
Swan Lake - White
Wedding Day - White
Zephrine Drouhin - Pink

Rambling Roses

Albertine - Pink
American Pillar - Strong Pink

Emily Gray - Yellow

New Dawn - Pale Pink

Paul's Scarlet - Scarlet

Shrub & Ground Cover Roses

This category of Roses covers a wide spectrum from large flowers and bushes suited to unsightly areas you may wish to cover through to small compact ground hugging varieties. All have there own qualities so careful selection of variety and you will not be disappointed in there performance.

Shrub Roses

Ballerina - Pink
Bonica - Soft Pink
Buff Beauty - Cream
Canary Bird - Yellow
Felicia - Pink
Roseraie de L`Hay - Purple

Ground Cover Roses

Kent - White
Lancashire - Red
Rosy Cushion - Soft Pink
Sussex - Apricot
Gwent - Yellow

Standard Roses

Best described as Rose Bushes on a stem of various sizes a full standard being 100cm stem half standard and Patio standard 75cm stems. Which ever you choose will create a lovely focal point whether it be to give height to a rose bed or feature in a mixed border they are very versatile. Patio standards as the word conveys will look good in patio planters or to enhance any doorway.

Hybrid Tea Full Standards

Loving Memory - Deep Red
Nostalgia - Cream Edged Red
Peace - Yellow/Pink
Remember Me - Orange
Ruby Wedding - Red

Floribunda Full Standards

Absolutely Fabulous - Yellow
Arthur Bell - Yellow
Blue For You - Lilac Mauve
Champagne Moment - Creamy Pink
Iceberg - White
Remembrance - Red
Super Trouper - Vibrant Orange

Modern Shrub Weeping Standard Roses

Bonica - Soft Pink
Kent - White
Lancashire - Red

Patio/Half Standard Roses

Birthday Wishes - Orange/Red
Korresia - Yellow
Ruby Anniversary - Red
Sweet Dreams - Peach
Trumpeter -Red
Wild Fire - Orange