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What better way to start the gardening season than to have a beautiful Hanging Basket to enhance the wall of your home, garage, shed or fence. Wherever you choose to hang it, we will fill a basket to suit. All our baskets are filled on site at the nursery so you may select from our display or request a combination that suits your own style. A selection of bright primroses,pansy, viola and heathers are used to brighted up Spring.

AVAILABLE - March , April

12" Wicker
Good size, bright mix of Pansy Viola and a flowering Shrub in the centre.

14" Wicker
Pansy, Viola with a bright Primrose and a conifer in the centre is a good filling for this larger Wicker Basket.

12" Black Plastic
Contrasting colours of Pansy and Viola surround this Plastic Baskets with a flowering shrub in the centre.

14" Black Plastic
Spring Flowering Pansy, Viola and Primrose with a foliage conifer in the centre. Can be made with different colour combinations if preferred.