Don't forget your compost


Increasingly popular, these plug plants that can be grown on for filling Baskets and Planters. Some people like to grow directly in containers
but for best results pot on before transplanting into display container.


Bacopa - Snowflake
Our best selling plant in the Basket range

Begonia - Mocca Mix
Bold and Beautiful well worth growing as a plug plant. 11cm pot recommended. Mocca has a striking Dark leaf.

Begonia Trailing - Illumination
F1 Illumination cascading habit great for Hanging Basket and window boxes. Use all the same colour for a striking effect or mix for a fabulous splash of colour.

Better Know to most as Million Bells. A fabulous Basket Plant. Careful not to over water as a Plug plant

Best foliage trailing plant, Great vigorous plug plant

Early to flower and has a long flowering season