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From Mid April till August our range of bedding plants are available for sale from our Nursery. All plants are grown in our Greenhouses so no long journey to make to reach the point of sale, they are therefore fresh healthy and ready to plant. A large selection of traditional bedding is available for borders and edging garden paving are grown as pack bedding. In recent years the selection of bedding / basket plants has greatly increased with the a fantastic range of plants to create the most attractive garden planting, window boxes , planters and baskets. This range of pot bedding is ever changing with stunning colour and texture it is easier than ever to enhance large os small spaces

Early purchase of these plants may require to be "hardened off" which means plants can be kept outside through the day but need to be inside at night if we still have cold or frosty weather conditions. This also applies to Hanging Baskets and Planters. It is good to fill planters and Baskets and growing on inside but best not to put them out all night until we have milder weather.

Available - Late April till August

Pack Bedding 8 Pack
Lobelia Bush or Alyssum for edging plant or Trailing Lobelia to use in Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes and Planters. With a good range of colours available there should be one to suit your Bedding Design compliment your planter or give volume to your Basket.

Pack Bedding 6 Pack
Wide range of bedding Plants available great colour for Borders, Baskets Planters you will not be disappointed at the range of quality plants on offer.

Pot Bedding
We offer a vast range of Basket and Container plants. Remember we are a working Nursery so the plants you see on display our staff will be using to fill baskets and planters therefore you can seek advice on what to use and where to use it. Or just stand and watch the staff at work and pick up some ideas to fill your own.

Large Pot Bedding
Larger pots, larger plants. Geraniums are great for the centre of larger Hanging Baskets and Planters with bold colours and healthy foliage they are a must have plant.

Trailing Geranium
Lovely plant to use in mixed baskets and planters but equally good to use on its own to give a beautiful floral display.

Bedding Geranium
Use in smaller baskets or planters or Display at there best as a great border plant.