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From Early May a spectacular sight of over 300 Hanging Baskets greets you as you enter our Greenhouse. Our display of Baskets are filled expertly on sight with our healthy home grown plants. Staff are available to advice you on size and style of basket to fit your needs as well as giving advice on the care of hanging baskets
Customers can view the filling of Summer Baskets and as well as being for sale we offer assistance on plants to use if you wish to fill your own. Hanging Baskets are filled and grown on in our greenhouse for approx 2 weeks before they are suitable for Hanging Outside. We use top quality compost with water retaining agent and slow release feeding the best start a Summer Hanging Basket needs the rest is up to you Buy and Enjoy.

Available - May, June ,July

All Surfinia with an abundance of colour. Choose from a variety of colours.

All Begonia very weather tolerant while giving beautiful display. Available in Orange and yellow tones.

Lovely small basket top filled available in choice of colours.

Larger Wicker Basket allowing trailing plants to be included. Available in a variety of colours.

This Plastic basket is easy to maintain good style for a windy position and not too big. Available in different colour combinations.

Smallest size of coco moss basket side filled with good colour combinations available.

This is our best selling size. The Plastic is good for windy position and customers who may not have as much time to maintain.

The wire and moss version is also popular and will give fabulous display.

Filled with eighteen trailing begonias another popular style of Basket available in Apricot, Orange and Yellow tones.

Good size if you like a larger basket it gives a wonderful display of various colours and includes a wide variety of plants.

This is when big is beautiful if you have the space and a large well secured bracket then this can grow into a spectacular mass of Summer Colour.

Increasingly requested wall basket looks good in many positions and great if windy.